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So far 12904 references to xkcd have been found as of 12/13/2017. xkcd comics are referenced an average of 2.6546 times per hour. 1331 unique comics have been referenced by 9526 unique users on 1871 unique subreddits. There are an average of 6.4071 references per xkcd comic, with a standard deviation of 34.5147

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Top 20 xkcd's on Reddit

Rank ComicCount Percent of ReferencesStd Deviations From Mean
11053: Ten Thousand11108.6019838809671431.9746152631154
237: Hyphen5344.1382517048977115.2860526372105
3927: Standards4853.7585244885306913.8663658860485
41357: Free Speech4133.2005579665220111.7802955578104
51732: Earth Temperature Timeline2311.790142591444516.50717333920849
6386: Duty Calls2281.766893986360826.42025374219857
7936: Password Strength2281.766893986360826.42025374219857
8979: Wisdom of the Ancients1911.480161190328585.3482453790762
9327: Exploits of a Mom1781.37941723496594.97159379203321
10538: Security1741.348419094854314.85570099601998
111683: Digital Data1461.131432114073164.04445142392739
121138: Heatmap1401.084934903905773.87061222990754
131172: Workflow1200.9299442033477993.2911482498414
14378: Real Programmers1180.9144451332920023.23320185183479
15435: Purity1170.9066955982641043.20422865283148
161179: ISO 86011060.8214507129572232.8855234637951
17323: Ballmer Peak1050.8137011779293242.85655026479179
18774: Atheists980.7594544327340362.65373787176865
19605: Extrapolating940.7284562926224432.53784507575542
201217: Cells860.6664600123992562.30605948372896

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Below is a breakdown of Subreddits whose total references to xkcd make up more than 0.5% of all references to xkcd. Subreddits with contributions of less than 0.5% make up 59.5087% of the references to xkcd. The chart below represents the breakdown of the remaining 40.4913% of references